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Yoga Lessons
with Yoga Priest Swami Shiva Nand Jee

In the West yoga is often associated to strenuous stretching postures. But it is much more and is best taught by a Yogi Priest. Swami Shiva Nand Jee teaches all levels of yoga postures, breathing techniques, internal body cleansing, meditation, mantras, Hindu Philosophy and natural plant medicines. Depending on the time of the year, he teaches at various temples and ashrams around India.

Priest Yogi Swami Shiva Nand Jee teaches in Hindi and English, but he particularly likes to meet foreigners for he can learn about the world cultures from his students.

 Swami Nand Jee teaches yoga in Varanasi and Goa. Contact him directly by email to schedule a class.


If you are in Varanasi, enquire about Swami's class at:

Mona Lisa Restaurant
D29/11 Davanath pura
Tel: (0091) 542-391-313
Tel: (0091) 542-452-079

As Swami alternates his teaching between Varanasi and Goa, we recommend that you email him a few weeks ahead.

Pranayama (Controlled Breathing Techniques)