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"The Way of the Sadhu"

Yoga in Varanasi

"The Way of the Sadhu"

Yoganidrasana (The sleeping Yogi in Sanskrit)

Yogis can stay in this position for a long time. Some supposedly can even sleep, thus the name, "The sleeping Yogi".

This position helps to improving the power of meditation. It releases the kundalini, allowing it to return back up the spine to the head. This position also warms up the body rapidly and is used often by yogis living at high altitudes to keep warm. Abdominal muscles are fully contracted and it tones the kidneys, liver, spleen, intestines, gall bladder, prostate and bladder. Continued practice keeps the abdominal organs free from disease.

This asana is good to prevent or help with back and neck problems

Swami Shiva Nand Jee, Varanasi, India

Photo by Yumi Soule, Text by JP Soule with Swami Shiva 2002