Indigenous Group Brahui (Also known as: Barawi, Brahwi, Brohi, Brahooee, Bravi, Kur Galli)
Location Afghanistan, in extreme southwest (Rudbar region in Nimroz province) and southeast of the country (Shurawak region in Kandahar province). Small groups might be nomadizing around Gulran and the city of Herat in Herat province and eastern part of Farah province.
Estimated Population 200,000 (1980, SIL International)
Environment Desert / Arid / Valley
Lifestyle Nomadic
Subsistence Animal Husbandry
Level of Assimilation Fairly Traditional
Language Family Brahui
Dravidian, Northern
Alternate names: Barawi, Brahwi, Brohi, Brahooee, Bravi, Brahuiki, Birahui, Kur Galli
Website URLs Ethnologue Brahui a language of Afghanistan
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