Indigenous Group Qatagan-Aimaq (Also known as: Aimaq, possibly as Chahar Aimaq, Char Aimaq, Aimaq-e-digar).
Location Afghanistan, small communities in Kondoz, Baghlan and Takhar provinces. Qatagan-Aimaq are possibly not a distinct ethnos and may belong to one or more of the Aimaq ethnic groups. They are geographically very isolated from the (rest of) of Aimaq and probably have a distinct identity as a consequence.
Estimated Population Not Found
Environment Plain / Valley / Mountain
Lifestyle Not Found
Subsistence Not Found
Level of Assimilation Not Found
Language Family Aimaq
Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Iranian, Western, Southwestern, Persian
Alternate names: Aimaq, Barbari, Berberi, Chahar Aimaq, Char Aimaq, Farsi, Parsi, Eastern Persian, Eastern Farsi, Eastern Parsi
Website URLs Afghanistan Online
Peoples of Afghanistan (US State Dept.)
Afghanistan country study (US Government)
Afghanistan ethnolinguistic map

Additional Offline Sources:
Orywal, E. Die Ethnische Gruppen Afghanistans.Wiesbaden, 1986.
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