Indigenous Group Turkmen (Also known as: Turkomen, Turkoman, Turkman, Trukmen, Torkman)
Location Afghanistan, compact areas in the extreme north of the country, along southern bank of Amu-Darya river and other locales exclusively in provinces Badghis, Faryab, Jowzjan and Balkh; isolated communities in the city and province of Herat.
Estimated Population 932,000 (2006, CIA World Factbook)
Environment Plain / Valley / Desert
Lifestyle Semi-nomadic / Nomadic
Subsistence Animal Husbandry / Agriculture / Trade
Level of Assimilation Fairly Traditional
Language Family Turkmen
Altaic, Turkic, Southwestern, East Oghuz
Alternate names: Turkoman, Turkman, Torkman<

Turkmen of Afghanistan speak a group of dialects distinct from those spoken in Turkmenistan, where the language has undergone considerable changes over the past century. Dialectical variation is based on tribal affiliation and includes Tekke, Salor, Ersari, Yomut, Sariq and other dialects.
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NGOs No NGOs deal specifically with this ethnic group. For major NGOs operating in Afghanistan see separate entries for major Afghan ethnic groups (Pashtun, Tajik, etc.)