Indigenous Group Uzbek (Also known as: Afghan Uzbek, Southern Uzbek, Uz’bek, Usbek, Uzbak, Ozbek, Ouzbek)
Location Afghanistan, compact areas in the northern part of the country, especially provinces Faryab, Jowzjan, Balkh, Samangan, Konduz and Takhar.
Estimated Population 2,700,000 (2005, CIA World Factbook)
Environment Plain, Lowland and Desert
Lifestyle Sedentary (Very few are Semi-nomadic and fewer still Nomadic).
Subsistence Agriculture / Trade / Paid Labor / Crafts / Animal Husbandry / Handicraft Sales
Level of Assimilation Fairly Traditional
Language Family Uzbek, Southern
Classification: Altaic, Turkic, Southeastern (or Eastern or Karluk branch, depending on classification system.)
Alternate names: Ozbek, Uzbeki, Ozbeki

Dialects: There are many Uzbek dialects and they are not necessarily mutually intelligible. Uzbek dialects of Afghanistan are quite different from standard Uzbek of Uzbekistan. The only parameter sharply separating the Uzbek dialects of Afghanistan from those of Uzbekistan is the script. The Afghanistan script is Arabic, while the Uzbekistan script is Latin.
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