Indigenous Group Kachin (also known as: Chingpaw or Singphos)
Location Burma, Northeastern region
Estimated Population 590,000 (2004, Encyclopedia Britannica)
Environment Mountains (some fertile valleys)
Lifestyle Sedentary
Subsistence Hunter / Agriculture / Fishing
Level of Assimilation Mostly assimilated
Language Family Jingpho
Other names: Kachin, Jinghpaw, Chingpaw, Chingp'o and Marip. Dialects are Hkaku Hka-Hku, Kauri (Hkauri, Gauri), Dzili (Jili) and Dulong.
Classification: Sino-Tibetan language family.
Website URLs http://www.kachin.com
NGOs Medecins du Monde, Doctors Without Borders (Holland), Population Services International, World Concern, Metta Foundation, Shalom Center