Indigenous Group Kreung (also known as: Krung, Kru'ng)

Sub-Group: West Bahnaric, the Kreung are one of 12 ethnic minority groups in Ratanakiri known as Khmer Loeu (literal meaning: "Highland Khmer.")
Location Northeast Cambodia, Ratanakiri Province near Vietnam and Laos border, various villages in Ratanakiri hills such as Virochey located on the Tonel San River, also Stung Treng Province.
Estimated Population 14,000 (1996, Bourdier)
Environment Rainforest / Mountainous
Lifestyle Semi-nomadic
Subsistence Hunter / Agriculture
Level of Assimilation Assimilated
Language Family Môn-Khmer
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NGOs Center for Advanced Study, Legal Aid of Cambodia (LAC).