Indigenous Group Tampuon (also known as: Tumpun, Campuon, Kha Tampuon, Proon, Proons, Tamphuan, Tampuen)

Sub-Group: West Bahnaric, the Tampuon belong to the Khmer Loeu (literal meaning: "Highland Khmer.")
Location Northeast Cambodia, Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri Provinces in small settlements such as Soeung, Kak, Ekapheap and Tink Chak; some also inhabit adjacent Laos.
Estimated Population 18,000 (1996, Bourdier)
Environment Rainforest / Mountainous / Volcanic
Lifestyle Semi-nomadic
Subsistence Hunter / Gatherer / Agriculture / Fishing
Level of Assimilation Assimilated
Language Family Môn-Khmer
Website URLs http://www.khemaracorner.com/...
NGOs Médecins du monde, NOMAD.