Dimasa Kachari
Indigenous Group Dimasa Kachari (Also known as: Dimasa, Dima-fisa)
Location India, Assam, North Cachar District, Cachar Hills, Karbi Anglong, Nowgong District, Nagaland, Haflong District.
Estimated Population 110,976 (2001, Census of India)
Environment Highland / Riverine
Lifestyle Sedentary
Subsistence Agriculture
Level of Assimilation Fairly Traditional
Language Family Dimasa
Sino-Tibetan, Tibeto-Burman, Jingpho-Konyak-Bodo, Konyak-Bodo-Garo, Bodo-Garo, Bodo
Alternate names: Dimasa Kachari
Dialects: Dimasa, Hariamba
Website URLs Ethnologue: Dimasa, A Language of India
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