Indigenous Group Dani
Location Indonesia, West Papua Province (Central Irian Jaya province), largely in the southern Baliem Valley
Estimated Population 250,000
Environment Tropical highland
Lifestyle Sedentary
Subsistence Agriculture
Level of Assimilation Traditional (a few clans nearly untouched)
Language Family Dani
Classification: Trans-New Guinea (non - Austronesian language) > Main Section > Central and Western > Dani-Kwerba > Southern > Dani.

Dialects: Dain-Kurima, Kurima, Upper Bele, Lower Bele, Lower Kimbin, Upper Pyramid, Western Dani of Pyramid, Western Dani of Bokondini, Hupla, Nggem, Walak.

Website URLs University of Minnesota Duluth: Cultural Anthropology: The Dani
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