Indigenous Group Kombai (also known as: Komboy)
Location Indonesia, Papua, Southern region, Merauke district, around Boma, bounded by Digul and Kasuari River to the east and the Ndeiram Kabur to the north and west
Estimated Population 4,000 (1994, De Vries)
Environment Tropical, Swamp, Lowlands, Jungle
Lifestyle Semi-Nomadic
Subsistence Hunter / Gatherer / Agriculture
Level of Assimilation Traditional
Language and
Language Family
Classification: Trans-New Guinea, Main Section, Central and Western, Central and South New Guinea-Kutubuan, Central and South New Guinea, Awyu-Dumut, Dumut
Alternate names: Komboy

Dialects: Central Kombai, Tayan. Close to Wambon, Mandobo Atas, Mandobo Bawah, Wanggom
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