Indigenous Group Khalkha (Also known as: Halh, Mongolian)
Location Mongolia, central and eastern portion
Estimated Population 2,104,090 (2003, Embassy of Mongolia)
Environment Highland
Lifestyle Nomadic
Subsistence Farming / Paid Labor
Level of Assimilation Fairly Traditional
Language Family Mongolian, Halh
Classification: Altaic, Mongolian, Eastern, Oirat-Khalkha, Khalkha-Buriat, Mongolian Proper
Alternative Names: Halh, Khalkha Mongolian, Mongol, Central Mongolian

Dialects: Halh (Khalkha), Dariganga, Khotogoit, Sartul, Tsongol
Website URLs Ethnologue: Mongolian, Halh a Language of Mongolia
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