Manobo Agusan
Indigenous Group Manobo Agusan (Also known as: Agusan del Sur, Agusan, Higanon, Manuvu)
Location Philippines, Mindanao, Agusan del Sur, Agusan del Norte, Surigao Sur
Estimated Population 60,000 (2000, SIL International)
Environment Rainforest, Plain, Tropical
Lifestyle Semi-Nomadic
Subsistence Agriculture / Fishing / Hunter / Gatherer
Level of Assimilation Fairly Traditional
Language Family Manobo, Agusan
Classification: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Southern Philippine, Manobo, Central, East
Alternate Names: Agusan
Dialect: Umayam, Adgawan, Surigao
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Agusan-Surigao Historical Archive
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