Tau´t Batu
Indigenous Group Tau´t Batu (also known as: Taw Batu, Tao’t Bato, Tao’t Batu)
Location Philippines, Palawan, Singnapan Basin, in Southwestern Palawan, bounded by Mt. Mantalingajan on the East and by coastal terrain on the West.
Estimated Population 198 (1987, the Philippine Office for Southern Cultural Communities [OSSC]).
Environment Coastal and Mountains
Lifestyle Semi-nomadic (They stay in the same region, but move to dryer ground during the monsoon season.)
Subsistence Hunter / Gatherer / Agriculture
Level of Assimilation Nearly Untouched
Language Family Southwest Palawano
Austronesian language family (One source also lists Tau’t Batu as a separate language, but there is no other information about this language.)
Website URLs http://www.isis.csuhayward.edu/cesmith/virtmus/Philippines/Peoples/Taut_Bato.htm
NGOs The Peoples of the World Foundation, Philippine Association for Inter-Cultural Development, Inc.