Indigenous Group Tay (Also known as Tho, Ngan, Phen, Thu Lao and Pa Di)
Location Vietnam, particularly Cao Bang, Lang Son, Bac Thai, and Quang Ninh
Estimated Population 1,350,000 (1998, Committee for Ethnic Minorities and Mountainous Areas/Central Ideology-Culture Department)
Environment Temperate Valleys, Forest
Lifestyle Sedentary
Subsistence Agriculture
Level of Assimilation Traditional
Language Family Tay
Classification: Tai-Kadai, Kam-Tai, Be-Tai, Tai-Sek, Tai, Central Tay-Thai Group
Alternative Names: Tho', Thu Lao, T'o, Tai Tho, Ngan, Phen, Pa Di

Dialects: Central Tay, Eastern Tay, Southern Tay, Northern Tay
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