Indigenous Group Itene (Also known as: Iteneo, Itenez, Mori)
Location Bolivia, North-central Beni Department at junction of Mamore and Itenez rivers
Estimated Population 101 (2003, Amaznia Boliviana)
Environment Tropical / Rainforest
Lifestyle Sedentary
Subsistence Agriculture / Hunter / Fishing
Level of Assimilation Completely Assimilated
Language Family Spanish
Itene (extinct)

Classification: Chapacura-Wanhan, Guapore
Alternate names: Iteneo, Itenez, More
Dialects: Itoreauhip
Related languages: Chapacura, Quitemoca, Cujuna, Cumana, Mataua, Uanham, Urunumacan (probably all extinct)
Website URLs Ethnologue: Itene, A Language of Bolivia
Amazonia Boliviana: Itene
Extinct Languages
Viceministerio de Cultura
NGOs Central de Pueblos Indigenas del Beni