Indigenous Group Reyesano (Also known as: San Borjano, Maropa)
Location Bolivia, Beni Department, west central around San Borja, near Reyes
Estimated Population 4,118 (2000, SIL International)
Environment Rainforests
Lifestyle Not found
Subsistence Not found
Level of Assimilation Assimilated
Language Family Reyesano (nearly extinct)
Classification: Tacanan, Aranoa-Tacana, Cavinena-Tacana, Tacana Proper
Alternate names: San Borjano
Website URLs Ethnologue: Reyesano, A Language of Bolivia
The Beni Biophere Reserve
A center for "saving" languages
The Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project - Reyesano
Petrobras and Repsol try to explore in the National Parks Madidi and Pilo'n Lajas
NGOs Centrsl de Publos Indigenas del Beni