Indigenous Group Fulni-o (Also known as: Fulni-˘, Fulnio, Kanijo)
Location Brazil, State of Pernambuco, Municipality of Aguas Belas, Sertao area, Recife
Estimated Population 2,930 (1999, Instituto Socioambiental)
Environment Arid / Forest
Lifestyle Semi-nomadic
Subsistence Agriculture / Handicraft Sales
Level of Assimilation Fairly Traditional
Language Family Fulnio
Classification: Macro-Ge, Fulnio
Alternate Names: Furni˘, Forniˇ, Carnijˇ, Iatŕ, Yatŕ
Dialects: Fulni˘, Yatŕ
Website URLs Indigenous Peoples in Brazil : Fulni-˘
Ethnologue: Fulni˘, A Language of Brazil
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