Indigenous Group Yaminawa (Also known as: Yaminawá, Jaminawá, Yaminahua, Yuminahua, Yamanawa)
Location Brazil, Acre. Also located in: Peru, Bolivia
Estimated Population 500 (1986, Instituo Socioambiental))
Environment Rainforest / Riverine / Urban
Lifestyle Sedentary
Subsistence Agriculture / Hunting / Fishing / Charity
Level of Assimilation Fairly Traditional
Language Family Yaminahua
Panoan, South-Central, Yaminahua-Sharanahua
Alternate names: Yamináwa, Jaminawá, Yamanawa
Website URLs Yaminawá: Indigenous Peoples in Brazil
Ethnologue: Yaminahua, A Language of Brazil
Union of the Aboriginal Nations of the Acre
Programa de Desarrollo Integrado de las Comunidades Fronterizas Peruano-Brasileñas
In Search of Ritual: Tradition, Outer Word and Bad Manner in the Amazon
The third shore of history: structure and narrative of the indigenous societies
Yaminawa Myth: Nawa, Inawa
NGOs None Found