Indigenous Group Pehuenche (Also known as: Mapuche, Pewenche, People of the Pewen, People of the Pehuen, People of the Pine Groves)
Location Chile, Bío-Bío Region, Ralco, Concepcion City
Estimated Population 54,078 (2002, Mapuche Documentation Center)
Environment Jungle / Forest / Lowland / Highland / Temperate
Lifestyle Semi-nomadic
Subsistence Hunter / Gatherer / Animal Husbandry / Agriculture / Eco Tourism
Level of Assimilation Fairly Traditional
Language Family Mapudungun
Classification: Araucanian
Alternate Names: Mapudungu, Mapuche, Araucano
Dialects: Pehuenche, Moluche (Ngoluche, Manzanero), Picunche
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