Indigenous Group Muinane (Also known as: Muinana, Muinani, Muename)
Location Colombia, Upper Cahuinarí, Caqueta river, near Araracuara
Estimated Population 547 (Retrieved 2008, Etnias de Colombia)
Environment Savannah / Tropical / Interfluvial
Lifestyle Fairly Traditional
Subsistence Agriculture / Fishing / Hunter / Gatherer / Paid Labor
Level of Assimilation Semi-nomadic
Language Family Muinane
Classification: Witotoan, Boran
Alternate Names: Muinana, Muinani, Muename
Website URLs Muinane: a language of Colombia
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Introducción a la Colombia Amerindia: Witoto
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Paths of Speech: Symbols, Sociality and Subjectivity among the Muinane of the Colombian Amazon
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