Indigenous Group Cabecar (Also known as: Bianco, Talamanca, Kabekirwak)
Location Costa Rica, Provinces of Cartago and Limon, reservations of Nairi-Awari, Chirripo, Tayni, Telire, Talamanca-Cebécar, Ujarrás.
Estimated Population 9,861 (2000, Wikipedia)
Environment Tropical / Rainforest
Lifestyle Sedentary
Subsistence Agriculture
Level of Assimilation Traditional
Language Family Cabecar, Spanish
Classification: Chibchan, Talamanca
Alternate Names: Chirripo
Dialects: Chirripó, Telire, Estrella, Ujarrás
Website URLs Comision Costarricense de Cooperacion con la UNESCO
The Mustard Seed Project
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