Indigenous Group Huancavilca (Also known as: Manteno, Punae, Montuvio, Manta)
Location Ecuador, south coastal region, provinces of Guayas and Manabí
Estimated Population 168,724 (2002, CODENPE)
Environment Lowland / Tropical / Coastal
Lifestyle Sedentary
Subsistence Agriculture / Fishing / Tourism / Paid Labor
Level of Assimilation Completely Assimilated
Language Family Spanish
Indo-European, Italic, Romance, Italo-Western, Western, Gallo-Iberian, Ibero-Romance, West Iberian, Castilian
Alternate names: Castellano, Espanol
Website URLs Edufuturo Project
CODENPE – Council for the Development of the Nationalities and Peoples of Ecuador
The Ecuadorean Indigenous Movement
Ecuadorian Nationalities
NGOs Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador - CONAIE
Social and Indigenuos Movements of Ecuador
ISIC - Institute for Science and Indigenous Cultures