Indigenous Group Emerillon (Also known as: Emerilon, Emerenon, Teko)
Location French Guiana, southwestern border (in northwest Maroni) and southeastern border along Oiapoque river (in Camopi area)
Estimated Population 400 (1999, Linguistic Situation in French Guiana)
Environment Tropical forest
Lifestyle Sedentary
Subsistence Fishing / Hunting / Agriculture
Level of Assimilation Not found
Language Family Emerillon
Classification: Tupi, Tupi-Guarani, Oyampi (VIII)
Alternative Names: Emerilon, Mereo, Mereyo, Emerenon, Teco, Teko
Website URLs Institut de Recherche Pour Le Developpement
SIL International: Emerillon
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NGOs Federation of Amerindian Organizations of Guyana (FOAG)
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