Indigenous Group Totobiegosode (Also known as: Ayoreo, Ayoreo-Totobiegosode)
Location Paraguay, Chaco department
Estimated Population 17 contacted members (2004, Survival International)
Environment Forest
Lifestyle Nomadic
Subsistence Hunter / Gatherer
Level of Assimilation Untouched
Language Family Ayoreo
Classification: Zamucoan
Alternate names: Morotoco, Moro, Ayoré, Pyeta Yovai
Dialects: Tsiracua
Website URLs Forest Conservation Portal: Calls for Greater Protection of Remote Paraguayan Tribe
World Rainforest Movement: Uncontacted Indians in danger
F.P.C.N: Save the last free Ayoreos
Tierramerica: Isolated indigenous groups face extinction
NGOs Survival International
People’s Earth Decade
World Rainforest Movement
Friends of Peoples Clost to Nature: InterCultural (FCPN)