Indigenous Group Yine (Also known as: Piro, Pirro, Pira, Simirinche, Simiranch, Contaquiro)
Location Peru, Departments of Ucayali and Cusco, East Central Urubamba River area; Department of Ucayali and Loreto, along the Ucayali River (Conatmana and Pucallpa); Department of Madre de Dios, Madre de Dios River.
Estimated Population 5000 (2000, SIL International)
Environment Tropical Rainforest
Lifestyle Semi-Nomadic
Subsistence Agriculture / Fishing / Animal Husbandry / Lumber Work / Handicraft Sales
Level of Assimilation Traditional
Language Family Yine
Classification: Arawakan, Maipuran, Southern Maipuran, Purus
Alternative Names: Piro, Pirro, Pira, Simirinche, Simiranch, Contaquiro
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