Indigenous Group Karina (Also known as Kariña, Kariná, Cariña )
Location Venezuela, Monagas and Anzoategui states, northeast near Orinoco River mouth, and a few communities in Bolivar State, just south of Orinoco
Estimated Population 7,251 (2000, WCD)
Environment Tropical Forest
Lifestyle Sedentary
Subsistence Agriculture
Level of Assimilation Assimilated
Language Family Ge-Pano-Carib
Classification: Carib, Northern, Galibi
Alternate Names: Carib, Caribe, Cariña, Kalihna, Kalinya, Galibi

Dialects: Tabajari, Chayma (Chaima, Sayma, Warapiche, Guaga-Tagare)
Website URLs University of Montana: Ge-Pano-Carib
Ethnologue: Carib, A Language of Venezuela
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