In the holy bintana, Naning Aponilar and her son, Marvin, 2, pray to the Gimukod for healing by touching a sacred tubao attached to the home of the spirits.

The Arumanen Manuvu
Indigenous People

Photos by:
Ryan Anson

In a dramatic conclusion to the Guana ceremony, ancestral spirits exit their human hosts, leaving these elderly walian exhausted, yet more informed about the future of their community.

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To the Arumanen Manuvu community in Central Mindanao, the village of Bentangan is a sacred place. Not only is it the ancestral home of this indigenous group of people, it also houses the gimukods (souls of the great ancestors and elders), and the different lumuna (the goddesses of the earth)...

Franklin Salilin, the clairvoyant healer of Bentangan, examines the location of evil spirits that have occupied the body of Bolin-as Lantong and caused her great pain.  During this healing ceremony, which is known as 
Panahuwahawiran, Salilin serves as a kind of lawyer in behalf of Lantong to defend the woman from negative spiritual forces. Copyright Information

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Members of the umpongan search for medicinal plants while Mangan Anlumbos, an adherent of Langkat and caretaker of the communal farm, prays to the spirits of the soil and crops for peace and abundance.