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On our cultural tours we will introduce you to many tribal groups, including the colorful and exotic Bishnoi tribe.  Their unique culture was founded on 29 social principles, each of which had a special emphasis on environmental conservation.  For example, the Bishnoi people ‘never cut down trees’, and they ‘never kill animals’.

Have a glimpse of Bishnoi tribal life: The women make millet flat bread daily, using cow dung for fuel and they do not cut down trees.

A Bishnoi man is making butter by hand from yogurt as a child looks on.  Each family keeps 40-50 cows, using their dairy products to maintain a healthy diet.  Excess milk, butter and yogurt are traded for fabrics, tools and other household and farm necessities.

When the farm chores are finished for the day, the older women teach traditional embroidery to the next generation.

In the Bishnoi culture women always wear colourful clothes because the woman is representative of the dynamism of creation.

As the sun rises in the peaceful Bishnoi village, we will quietly move on our way to another scenic adventure.

Copyright Note: All photos featured above were provided by Jean-Philippe Soule / Native Planet, and are registered copyright

During our cultural village tours, we will also introduce you to the Raika culture.  The Raika, located in both the hills and the desert areas, are a nomadic people who travel continuously with their herds of sheep and camels.  Raika men from the hills can be identified by their large red turbans and the women wear colorful clothes and antique ivory bangle bracelets which are passed down from mother to daughter.

The desert Raika men wear various colors of turbans and the women wear colorful dresses accented with an abundance of silver jewelry.

In the desert, the Raika must work closely together to procure even the most basic of life’s necessities.  Here donkeys are used to pull water from the desert wells that are nearly 400 feet deep.



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