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Occurrence and Risk of Diseases in Belize

Occurrence and Risk of Diseases in Honduras

Occurrence and Risk of Diseases in Nicaragua

Occurrence and Risk of Diseases in Costa Rica

Occurrence and Risk of Diseases in Panama

  • Yellow Fever: Not reported but vaccination recommended for rural areas. (especially recommended for Darien)
  • Cholera: Active. (vaccination might be required for on-going travel to Latin America)
  • Malaria: Risk year around, especially in Darien and Kuna Yala (San Blas Isl.) (Mainly P. vivax; 6% to 28% is P. Falciparum). Resistance: Some resistance to Chloroquine. Use Mefloquine or Doxycycline (information might be outdated)
  • Hepatitis: Active
  • Dengue fever: Low risk. (hemorrhagic fever also occurs). Prevent mosquito bites
  • Leishmaniasis: Cutaneous leishmaniasis is reported. Prevent sandfly bites
  • Chagas disease: Reported
  • typhoid fever: Common
  • Amoebi and bacillary dysenteries and other diarrheal diseases: Very common
  • Other diseases: Amebiasis (endemic); giardisis (25% of Panama city food handlers infected with G. Lamblia); cysticercosis; filariasis; histoplasmosis (outbreaks associated with guano in bat caves); rabies; leptospirosis; measles; tuberculosis; strongyloidiasis; tic-borne rickettsioses; viral encephilitis; toxoplasmosis (from cat feces); influenza.