Photos by Yumi Soule 2002
Texts by Jean-Philippe Soule 
with the participation of
Swami Shiva Nand Jee

Read more about Swami:
"The Way of the Sadhu"

Yogi Priest Swami Shiva Nand Jee

"The Way of the Sadhu"

Swami Shiva Nand Jee, is a yogi priest. Although he is more dedicated to the traditional Sadhu ways than most of the remote mountain-dwelling Sadhus, his guru has sent him back down to the city. Although he aspires to attain illumination and believes that one day he will return to the rural Sadhu life, he is following his guru's will. He splits his time living in Varanasi with his family and traveling to various ashrams around the country to teach yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and Indian philosophy. He fills much of his waking day with prayer and meditation.

Swami's goal is to spread a message of love and peace throughout the world. At age 28, he has become a well-respected yogi. The power of his energy and philosophy is remarkable. In his own words, "a real Sadhu isn't the one who dresses like one, it is the one who lives all his life like one, with all his heart and soul". Read more about Swami...

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