Indigenous Group Carijona (Also known as: Karijona, Omagua, Umawa, Carihona, Hianacoto-Umaua, Guaque, Hiancoto, Mesaiya, Umaua)
Location Colombia, South-eastern Colombia, on the Vaupés, Yari and Caquetá rivers, Peurto Nare region
Estimated Population 287 (1997, Etnias de Colombia)
Environment Lowland / Jungle / Tropical
Lifestyle Semi-nomadic
Subsistence Agriculture / Hunter / Fishing / Gatherer
Level of Assimilation Fairly Traditional
Language Family Carijona
Classification: Carib, Southern, Southeastern Colombia
Alternate Names: Omagua, Umawa, Carihona, Hianacoto-Umaua, Karijona, Guaque, Hianacoto, Mesaiya, Umaua
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