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Indigenous Communities from Guatemala

Maya, Awakateco | Maya, Mam | Maya, Mopan | Maya, Tektiteko |


Maya, Mam
Indigenous Group Maya, Mam (Also known as: Mam, Central, Mam, Northern, Mam, Southern, Mam, Tajumulco, Mam, Todos Santos Cuchumatán)
Location Guatemala,
Mam, Central: Region San Marcos Department (10 towns). The towns of San Miguel Ixtahuacán (18,000) and Concepción Tutapa (30,000)
Mam, Northern: Region Western Huehuetenango Department (San Sebastián and other towns) and San Marcos Department; 17 towns
Mam, Southern: Region Quetzaltenango Department (9 towns), Retalhuleu Department (1 town); Western Ostuncalco area (San Juan Ostuncalco, San Martín Sacatepéquez, and other towns)
Mam, Tajumulco: Region San Marcos Department, Tajumulco and Ixchiguán towns
Mam, Todos Santos Cuchumatán: Region Huehuetenango Department, town of Todos Santos Cuchumatán
Estimated Population Mam, Central: 100,000 (1992, SIL International)
Mam, Northern: 200,279 (2000, WCD)
Mam, Southern: 125,000 (1991, SIL International)
Mam, Tajumulco: 35,000 (1992, SIL International)
Mam, Todos Santos Cuchumatán: 50,000 (1998, SIL International)
Habitat Highland / Tropical / Savannah / Forest / Mountain / Coastal / Rainforest
Lifestyle Sedentary
Subsistence Handicraft Sales / Agriculture / Paid Labour / Eco Tourism
Level of Assimilation Fairly Traditional
Language Family Mam, Central
Classification: Mayan, Quichean-Mamean, Greater Mamean, Mamean
Alternate Names: Comitancillo Mam, Western Mam, Mam Occidental, Mam Marquense, San Marcos Comitancillas Mam
Dialects: Lexical similarity 77% between Tajumulco and Comitancillo

Mam, Northern
Classification: Quichean-Mamean, Greater Mamean, Mamean
Alternate Names: Huehuetenango Mam

Mam, Southern
Classification: Mayan, Quichean-Mamean, Greater Mamean, Mamean
Alternate Names: San Juan Ostuncalco Mam, Ostuncalco Mam, Quetzaltenango Mam, Mam Quetzalteco
Dialects: San Martín Sacatepéquez Mam (San Martín Chile Verde Mam)

Mam, Tajumulco
Classification: Mayan, Quichean-Mamean, Greater Mamean, Mamean
Dialects: Very different from Central Mam. Lexical similarity 77% with Comitancillo

Mam, Todos Santos Cuchumatán
Classification: Mayan, Quichean-Mamean, Greater Mamean, Mamean
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