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  The Pech (Paya)
Indigenous People of Honduras

The Pech People live in a few districts of Honduras. Today their population has been reduced to less than 1500. A few leaders struggle to preserve their culture and language. These WebPages were made to assist in those efforts and help the Pech people record some of their traditions before they disappear. We hope you enjoy and learn from this site.

Our Case Study is focused on the Pech people of Las Marias (La Moskitia)

In the following pages, we will feature various subjects such as, History, Culture and Lifestyle, Cultural Preservation Efforts (and Human Rights), and assessment of Eco-Tourism and Local Guides and our Photo Gallery.


General Information


General Pech History

History of Las Marias and Legend of the Lost City (Ciudad Blanca)

Discoveries: Cultures and Lifestyles


  • Food: sasal, pak-ká (tortilla), cataha (yucca tamale)
  • Traditional Drinks: muniá  kuni


  • Food: sayahá (tamale), totoposte-há  tortilla, chawá (corn bread)
  • Traditional Drinks: aunpanhá (chicha de maiz)

Traditional Houses and roof making (and modern changes)

Fire Pit, Oven, and Cooking Utensils

  • Jicaro ("Guacales" traditional cups)
  • Calabasa
  • Cobre (wood plate)
  • Wakal (clay pot)

Furniture and Misc objects

  • Hammock
  • Crafts (Weaving)
  • "Pipante" Dugout Canoe

"Pipante" Dugout Canoe   View Photos
Read J-Philippe's first experience "Poling a Pipante"


Las Marias today, Social Life and Education


Bilingual School Project and Loss of Language

Social Events
Most cultural ceremonies have been replaced with religious events. See Religion.


Pech Population - Statistics

Cultural Preservation Efforts (and Human Rights)
Problems and Needs (political, economical, educational, cultural/lingual, assimilation and intermarriage, health)

Language Issues: Preserving the Pech Language

Land Issues

Consejo de Tribu Pech de Las Marias (Tribe Council)



Health (Diseases Exposure, Medical Facilities)
Coming Soon !

Most Common Diseases (and local cures)

Statistics of Fatalities From 98 to 99

Healers and Traditional Medicine, a thing of the Past (yerba buena, ginger, hoja del dolor, apasote ...)

Eco-Tourism & Local Guides

Eco-Tourism Project of Las Marias   Coming Soon !

Eco-Tour Companies   Coming Soon !

Local Guides   Coming Soon !

Caske 2000 Adventure (Updates)


The new slides from Las Marias, La Moskitia and other places of Honduras

The first set of digital photos from Las Marias (La Moskitia)


In the future this section will be a forum where we will try to publish the writings of Pech people on various subjects. We will also add a reference list of books and links on related material (there is no other site on the Pech that we know of at the present).



Note: Background photographs and design by Jean-Philippe Soule © 1997

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