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Native Planet is a non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to the empowerment of indigenous peoples and preservation of world ethnic cultures. These traditional groups are global role models for successful conservation and sustainable consumption of natural resources, as well as being guardians of our planetís remaining wilderness. The preservation of this Planetís rapidly decreasing biological diversity begins with the protection of the remaining indigenous cultures.

Native Planetís documentation of indigenous lifestyles gives them a voice the world can hear. Our powerful and compelling images will carry you to exotic places where you can discover the unimaginable variety and richness of traditional cultures. Intimate accounts of our experiences with people rather than ďculturesĒ will personally introduce you to fascinating individuals who still live in the old ways. And then experience Native Planetís cultural ecotours first-hand.

Delight in our photos, enjoy the fascinating stories, take pleasure in Native Planetís unique journeys and see how our proactive education and humanitarian aid projects are helping threatened cultures fight back. Then make your own Planetary difference by joining us in assisting these cultures--there are so many ways you can helpÖ

Mentawai Cultural Eco-tours How do the Mentawai do it? With speed, agility and simple grace—completely unlike the way inexperienced visitors do it. Enjoy this experience—without the suffering!

» "Walking Barefoot in the Jungle"
Mentawai Cultural Eco-toursSee the extreme contrast between the vibrant exotic colors of these traditional Indian cultures and the abject poverty of their existence.

» See the photos

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