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Meet the Mentawai: The Experience of a Lifetime!

12-Day Visit – January 13 to 24, 2008
$4,942 (based on 6 people)

Fee includes: Joining Jean-Philippe’s visit to his adoptive family including his multi-lingual, in-depth cultural explanations; English-speaking professional Mentawai guides; a local cook; food; lodging with the clan; porters; and transportation on Siberut and from Padang-Siberut-Padang by private ocean charter boat.


Day 1
Welcome guests at the airport; transport and transfer of luggage to private boat; dinner and overnight on the boat to Siberut.

Day 2
Arrival in Siberut; breakfast; travel inland by charter dugout motorboat and on foot through the rainforest; night arrival and meet Mentawai hosts.

Day 3 – Day 10
Jungle treks and Mentawai daily life.

Day 11
Return to Siberut by chartered dugout motorboat.

Day 12
Padang arrival via chartered yacht and transport to your hotel or to the airport.

*Note: Possible one day stay on tropical beaches of Siberut with unanimous accord.

**Note: A minimum of 4 participants is required to run this tour. The priced based on four participants is $6,476 per person. It includes the charter of an ocean boat to/from Siberut. We no longer offer the cheaper Ferry option, the Indonesian Ferry to Siberut being unsafe and un-reliable.

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